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Rwanda Travel Information

Rwanda whose capital is Kigali is small landlocked country in East Africa. It borders Uganda in the north, Tanzania in the east, Burundi in the south and Congo in the west.

The country is naturally dictated to a central plateau made up of steep mountains and deep valleys. This has therefore renamed Rwanda as "Land of thousand hills". The average elevation of the plateau is about 1.700 m. Rwanda has got principal geographic feature on the western side of the plateau and these are the famous Virunga chain of volcanoes which extends towards Congo and the Ugandan border. It's in the Virunga that one can find Rwanda's most important tourist attraction: the mountain gorillas!

The 3 towns eastwards; Gisenyi Kibuye and Cyangungu, offer a striking view on Lake Kivu. Anyone who has seen this part of the country will agree that "Land of thousand hills" is simply an understatement.
From Gisenyi, you can cross the border to Congo and visit the city of Goma, devastated by the Nyiaragongo volcano, one of the active Virunga volcanoes on the Congo side, which erupted the 17th of January 2002
Rwanda without doubt has more to offer;

It has got Nyungwe National Park in the Albertine rift montane rainforest that has recently received the status of National Park. This rainforest has a unique dwelling and it's only there that we have seen troops of more than 300 colobus monkeys moving around in trees! It has 25 % of the African primates. Nyungwe is sincerely a primate paradise!

Rwanda and it's rich history and culture. It was long time ago regarded as a mysterious kingdom with a legendary military force, which was carefully by passed by Arab traders and the great Nile Explorers. Ordinarily, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania were part of the German East African colony. However, after the First World War, Rwanda became a Belgian protectorate. It's at the National Museum of Butare, on your way to Nyungwe NP that you can find fascinating displays on the history and culture of one of the majestic pre-colonial kingdoms of East-Africa.


Rwanda is unfortunately remembered as the Land of the genocide, which dominated the world's headlines in 1994.The general public still remembers these atrocities and nothing not even time can heal them.

However, Rwanda is not the first country on the African continent having its part of civil strife. The Adventure Travelers coming to Africa know this and will disregard the country's image if he can travel safely.
Abacus has got a 3 days package. Travel with us to Rwanda to have a second gorilla experience in the Virunga Mountains. Rwanda is surely recovering its position as first gorilla destination. You won't regret.

Abacus African vacations truly accept that Rwanda is stable again and that tourists can travel without fear. Visits are safe and the government is making serious efforts to re- progress tourism again.

Rwanda is certainly a destination for Eco-tourist and nature lovers.
Rwanda is superlative for its primates and was Africa's first gorilla destination. The trip will bring you to the two most important National Parks like Parc National Des Volcans, home of the mountain gorilla and the Nyungwe Forest that has recently received the status of National Park. The trip will also explore the unique scenery's of Lake Kivu and highlight some unique cultural aspects of Rwanda life. As an option we propose you a visit to the devastated city of Goma (RDC) to show you another side of the Virungas volcanoes.



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